It is our combined experience that provides us with the confidence to define our refreshingly effective approach. We are committed to creating high performing organisations through fully engaged and valued people.

Luke Minshall BSc(Hons), MSc

Founder and Managing Director

In 2006, Luke founded Arimo Consulting, with a mission to energise and enable aspiring leaders to achieve fulfilling, high performance in current and future roles. Since then, he has built a network of business consultants who have collectively created and delivered excellent leadership development solutions for Arimo Consulting clients around the world.

During his early career in the UK Armed Forces, he learnt what leadership, motivation and high performance under pressure really means, and how teams deliver outstanding results. Latterly, he has worked with outstanding business leaders to bring about transformational change. His expertise includes: strategic alignment of people and business, design of leadership development programmes, management of change communications, design and management of people change processes including application of psychometric tools, developing high performance teams and executive coaching. Luke's academic qualifications include a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology from Nottingham University, as well as a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University. Luke is a visiting lecturer for Amity University, is a regular commentator with Leadership Forums and is currently writing a book on Leadership Development in a multicultural world.

Luke says: `I enjoy forming hand picked teams of expert business consultants to achieve client goals and objectives. As well as building client partnerships, I enable aspiring leaders to open their eyes and see the world realistically (and positively) by recognising and understanding their true strengths. I facilitate conversations that stretch thinking and feeling by using synergies with sport, music, art and culture. Careful application of psychometric tools helps guide the coaching approach and conversations. I encourage people to make time early in their careers to identify someone, or an environment, that will teach them what 'good' really looks like. I help people identify and understand the important patterns that exist when leading and managing businesses, irrespective of industry, structure, geography or culture.`

Asli Dogan MSc, BSc(Hons)

Learning and Development Consultant.

Asli has wide experience of planning, designing and delivering innovative people change initiatives during periods of organisational change including on-site workshops. She is passionate about developing people and has been instrumental in the recent launch of 'living values' programme for a global Insurance organisation. She has a charismatic engaging style of coaching and enjoys delivering training with emphasis on ensuring deep understanding of vision, mission and values. Asli has created partnerships with a sports and wellness centre for women to increase female empowerment. Asli is a qualified training facilitator and has completed a range of leadership and coaching programmes in the UK and Turkey. She also holds a Masters degree in Marketing and Management from the university of Bradford and a Bachelors degree in Economics.

Asli says: `Always remember: It may be a big or a small dream, but as long as it truly is your dream, there is no reason not to make it happen! Don't hesitate to picture how you and the world will look like when you realise your dream!`

Shane Hodgson MSc, MBA, PhD, C Psychol


Shane is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 20 years experience of consulting for organisations in 21 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America. His academic qualifications include an MSc (Psych); an MBA (Strategy) and a PhD. He has conducted research in the areas of leadership, change and global teams. He has expertise in the areas of organisational design and development, change management, HR transformation, human performance, technology and process change, business and HR strategy. Recent assignments include a shared services review for a national charity, a post-merger integration programme for a German based global logistics company and organisational design and change management interventions for a global telecoms organisation.

Shane says: `There is something incredibly satisfying about weaving together the strategic needs of the organisation and the aspirations of its people. Exceptional performance happens when people feel needed, valued and fulfilled and it's the role of a good consultant to help that happen...`

Diane Moore MSc, MCIPD


Diane is a committed HR Change Consultant with over 15 years experience in Financial Services and the Voluntary Sector. She is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, has an MSc. in Human Resource Development and has trained and worked as a counselor in the voluntary sector. Diane has a natural ability to engage people at all levels in organisations by challenging and then building cohesion to support the delivery of change. She has a deep curiosity about learning and a passion to develop organisaitons and the people within it. Recent assignments include: Design and implementation of new behavioural framework for multiple insurance contact centres in UK & India, Business Process re-engineering for a UK shared service provider, Managing strategic recruitment and induction change processes for a UK financial service provider.

Diane says: `Having the ability to create and sustain effective relationships with key stakeholders helps provide a clear line of sight for everyone concerned with the change. My experience has shown that effective and efficient change only really occurs when we get everyone on side.`

Our people have extensive experience in the disciplines of Change, Talent and Organisational Development. We hand pick only those people who have excelled in either senior line or consultancy roles or both.

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