`the tools, skills, resources and confidence to enable you and your organisation to change and stay changed.`

Effective change requires you to ask some searching questions such as..

• Why should we Change?

• What needs to Change?

• How ready is our organisation for change? How can we find out?

• Who will make the change happen?

• When will the change be complete?

• How much will the change cost?

• What will the organisation look and feel like after the change?

Our approach will enable your organisation to become ready, willing and able to handle change.

Measurement of readiness for change

Conducting rapid surveys across the organisation, analysing the data and presenting clear results to the senior leadership team.

Stakeholder mapping

Building an understanding of who is involved and who should be involved to build real consensus around the strategic direction for your change journey.

Communication planning and delivery

Facilitating stakeholder commitment, through planned dialogue, engagement and consultation.

Stakeholder engagement workshops

Providing key stakeholders with plenty of opportunity to wrestle with resisting as well as driving factors for change. Build solutions that are workable.

Change intervention planning

Build a robust programme that will withstand attack from internal and external forces to your organisation

If you are considering any of these issues then it could be time for us to talk. If we do become involved, you can expect us to add real value by:

• Helping you make better choices and less risky decisions.

• Devising and executing mission-critical strategies that fit your changing situation

• Supporting you to set specific measurable objectives.

• Preparing your workforce, stakeholders and sponsors for the array of operational
   transition issues that accompany change.

• Delivering your planned objectives whilst ensuring we build with you a strategic platform
   from which to transition the organisation.

• Making certain that sustainable improvements are integrated throughout your service
   delivery operation

• Measuring results.

We provide the tools, skills, resources and confidence to make change happen.