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Making Change Happen

2 day workshop aimed at line managers, project managers, HR executives and managers who want to make change happen within their organisations. The course is delivered by specialist change professionals who will inspire and enable delegates to `get to grips` with a wide range of people and organisational change challenges. Delegates will discover how subtle emotions can be recognised, understood, managed and utilised effectively and efficiently to make change happen across the whole organisation.


In any change process, there are two main aspects to consider in relation to people. Capability: Do people have the skills, knowledge or mind set to be able to change? Motivation: Are people focused and willing to change?


During this workshop delegates learn how to motivate and inspire people before, during and after planned and emergent change programmes. The style of delivery is interactive, collaborative and engaging making maximum use of delegates own experiences of change as well as experiencing interactive case studies.


By the end of the workshop delegates will be capable of:

• Recognising the value of including the people side of change in their programmes.

• Dealing with wider people issues and how these connect to a change programme.

• Deploying skills, behaviours and tools necessary to deliver the people aspects
  of change.

• Understanding the key groups of people impacted by the change.

• Minimising resistance and maximising motivation for change.

• Ensuring that change is embedded and sustained.

•Assisting the transformation of organisations through targeted change projects.

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Change Leadership

2 day course designed for Change Leaders who are currently leading or about to start leading a change programme. Change leaders will learn how effective leadership during any change programme requires performance in 3 core competencies:

• Logical thinking

• Managing the psychology of change

• Project Management

Change leaders will develop these three competencies through interactive case studies and simulations. They will learn how to balance logic, emotions, process and leadership in ways that will make change projects deliver high impact results, fast. Importantly, this course integrates business issues with people aspects and leaves change leaders with a clear road map and skill set that will enable them to lead change projects with confidence. A recurring theme throughout the course is the power of organisational culture and the opportunity that this provides Change Leaders during change.

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