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Executive Talent

`Inspire, lead, communicate, innovate`

Arimo Consulting provides assessment and development services for your top executives. This will enable identification and optimisation of high potential people within your organisation. Assessment and Coaching is delivered by experienced consultants with expertise in engaging and developing Executive Talent.

Executive Assessment and Coaching

This service supports your executive-level selection and development decision-making process using rigorous objective assessments.

• Indervidual assessment at executive, senior and middle management levels and
   provision of confidential feedback to both client and candidate.

• Coaching and one to one action planning based on the diagnostic work.

Developing High Performing teams

We work with your top teams to formulate your vision and values so that you can see how your business plans can be brought to life. We will provide you with:

• Skilled facilitation to challenge and eliminate unproductive team behaviour.

• Clear focus on results and building practical implementation plans for each team

Executive Talent approach

Our unique approach will tease out full potential by helping develop talent management processes and assessments. These will help to identify, review, monitor and manage those with high potential. This is achieved by:

• Addressing the common pitfalls of typical talent management or succession planning
   processes such as secrecy, planning without action, and misalignment
   between personal aspirations and organisational goals.

• Our tools and reports will help identify the leaders of tomorrow and how those
   leaders are likely to perform and their style.